Wedding Cakes

The size or complexity of the event doesn’t change a thing how we make the cakes for it. Being organic, pure and simple, inside and out, our wedding cakes will reflect who you are.

Cakey Kabuki makeup vs. natural sheer look:  We dare to give up those picture-perfect colors and decoration figures possible with Fondant, for pure and simple cakes made with all natural ingredients. It will be a rather rustic and humble look but its natural beauty will shine through and be remembered as one of a few wedding cakes that actually taste great.

Here is more information how we do for wedding/special event cakes:

  • Pricing: Customers will be charged by the size and quantity of the cakes, NOT by the number of servings. There is no booking fee or any other surcharges that you will never know what it is for. Charging by serving size is one of the ways many commercial bakeries make profit out of the wedding order as they end up making about the same amount of cakes to cover a certain range of guests. It is true that the wedding cakes are quite labor intensive, yet we still think there is a bubble in serving-based-pricing. To stay simple and honest, we basically charge by the cake. We do need to charge extra for extra labor, decoration item cost, additional fixture for the cake, but you will know exactly what we will do for that extra charge.
  • Wedding cake package: It includes 1 centerpiece cake (usually multi-tiered cake), 1 small individual-sized cake for the bride & groom (optional) and sheet cake(s) to serve the guests. We will work with you based on your expected guest count.  The best part is, the 1st anniversary cake will be on us (so you don’t have to freeze your own:), as our gift for wedding cake orders.
  • Decoration/theme for the Topping: There is a limitation in terms of color/texture/decoration figures with our all natural ingredients. However, we work hard to expand possibility to achieve some limited yet beautiful color pallets and figures. Based on what you have in mind, we will work together to finish the cake the way you like. One of the most popular options is decorating with fresh flowers, and we will incorporate the party’s color themes to the cake by working with your florist, if any.
  • Cake tasting (optional): We will offer 2 rounds of tasting.  Once you feel positive about the way we do our wedding cakes, we will invite you to our store to have a chance to taste several cake samples. For the 2nd round, a miniature of the centerpiece will be prepared so you can have a feeling how it will look like at the wedding. Since we charge actual order by cake, we need to charge for the 2nd round tasting, still just for the cake, no funny extra charges.
  • After-wedding favor package: Instead of some little thing that will be forgotten and abandoned before your first anniversary, send them off with unforgettable taste of pureness of our organic cake! It comes pretty in individual cake box as our wedding favor option. Minimum 20 boxes with options to personalize or customize. Price depends on the decoration and personalization.
  • Delivery: One more thing that we believe is usually overpriced. It will be based on actual travel distance/toll if any, and fixtures/special care and labor that needs to be used for travel.

Sounds like the way you’d want it? Talk more with Sonya by email

Wedding Cake Photos

We’ve worked with amazing people to create unique cakes for their weddings.  Here are some of the pictures.