Kids’ Birthday Cakes

One of my happiest moments with my job is when I fix something for little ones and see their faces light up. The whole thing started with my little hope of looking for a better cake for my own 3-year-old’s birthday about five years ago, I still bake every single cake with that desire. Imagine how you’d make the first birthday cake for your little one, because that is exactly how I craft them in my kitchen.

I believe that there is a better way to feed our kids, and desert and sweets are one of the first things we should make some healthy changes in. Too many times, parents simply assume that kids would be only satisfied by that overdose of sugar and fat put into usual commercial baked goods. What I have learned in my journey for better yet kids-approved recipes is that kids are very capable of building healthy appetite if fed right from their early ages, and I’d like to help you make the right choice.

With quite a limited color and texture from natural ingredients like fruit powder and puree, I cannot promise you I’d create that picture perfect character your kids love for the cake. Instead, I make unique, naturally colored (no artificial coloring ingredients or fondant) and decorated cakes. We also offer several decoration/topping choices for birthday cakes of your own party theme or character: we can incorporate that into the cake by adding on separate decoration items or creating a matching decoration for topping

  • One-and-Only birthday cake: if you or your kid has a favorite artwork or project that fits the cake topping space, bring it on! We will incorporate that as main decoration piece so the birthday cake turns a true ‘one-and-only’
  • Personalized design and inscription: If you have your own idea, let us know. We will make double effort to make the cake more special and personal.


All the items and kits are made to order and customizable, so contact us for details!