Red Tea Chai Cake


* Due to issues with our supplier, this cake is temporarily unavailable to order. Please check back to see when it is available again. Sorry for the inconvenience. *



* Great News!! We are serving Red Tea Chai cakes again!! *

Featuring Rishi’s organic Chai concentrate, with a hint of blueberry flavor.

*Depending on the season and the availability of ingredients, the cake and its decoration may vary. The cake you get may look different from the picture.

*Our “Can’t-Believe-There-Is-No-Butter” cakes are chiffon cakes and the cakes are a little smaller in diameter, the actual diameters are 6″ (5.5″), 8″ (7.5″), 10″ (9″), and 12″ (11″). Chiffon cakes are tapered in and top is smaller than the bottom of cakes.  Although smaller in diameter than other cakes, it is actually much taller and therefore the serving portions are similar to other cakes.

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