As some of you may know, Whole Cakes has been in operation as an on-line cake shop for almost 7 years.  With the opening of our shop in San Francisco, a lot of things are changing, some exciting, others not-so-exciting.  The biggest change our existing customers would notice is the new web site and new URL.

Same Day Pick-up Orders

If you place your order by 10AM, some cakes (and sizes) will be available by 3PM the same day (most of the cakes just simply need longer prep time).  This is one of the major benefits of having a retail location with cooking facilities.  We do not charge additional for same day pick-up for now.  Delivery might be a little tricky, so check with us first before you order if you want the same day delivery.


We are trying hard to not open on the weekends. I am in the bakery from early in the morning until late at night during the weekdays and I really need to rest on the weekends. Unless you have a compelling reason why we should, we are trying to stay away from the bakery on the weekends.

New Site

We like the design of our new site (please let us know what you think), and although there are some minor bugs, most of the key functions (browsing for and ordering cakes) are working.  Some of you may have noticed that we increased the price of our cakes.  We have really never done that in the past 5 years and organic ingredients are becoming quite expensive, some of them are 2.5 – 3 times more than the non-organic type.  Also, we made an investment in the infrastructure of the shop as well as people we are looking to hire.  I believe we are still price competitive with other cake shops, even with the ones that use non-organic ingredients.

Delivery Fees

I used to deliver most of the cakes myself.  This was possible because we did not have a physical shop.  Now that we do, and I need to be in the shop to make and sell cakes, the deliveries will be done by UberRUSH.  We kept the delivery cost at $10 for nearby San Francisco delivery, and $15 for the parts of the city that are farther away.  $20 for Northern Peninsula and East Bay by $25 (for toll charge).  You may notice that for the rest of Bay Area, we have put $50 as delivery charge.  What we really wanted to do was that we would not be able to deliver to these areas but technically, we don’t know how to do that.  So, we encourage our customers in these cities to come visit our store and pick up the cakes.  If you are ordering for delivery in these cities and you still go ahead and pay for them, I guess we will have to deliver the cakes there.  But our thinking is that $50 delivery charge will discourage anyone from doing that.  Having said that, most other cake shops do charge $25 or more for any delivery, so compared to them, we are still offering a great value.

So browse our site, and find cakes you’d like to try.




p.s. we are serving Four Barrel / De La Paz coffee at the shop.  We make hand drip coffee as well, so stop by to enjoy a great cup of coffee along with our delicious cakes.  And last but not least, we serve Rishi tea: all organic (of course!) and most of them Fair Trade as well.

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